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Computer-On-Module is a development board with computer processor, chipset, memory, and peripherals designed into a component module. Advantech Computer-on-module series include: COM Express Basic, COM Express Compact, COM Express Mini, QSeven, and ETX.
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CIRCUIT BOARD, Atom X5-E8000 1.04GHz 4C COMe Compact non-ECC
  1. Intel® Pentium®/Celeron® N3000 Series and Atom™ SoC
  2. PICMG COM Express R2.1 Compact Module Type 6 pin out
  3. Supports 5 PCIex1 , 4 USB3.0 ,8 USB2.0
  4. Rich display interface : LVDS/eDP, HDMI/DP; Up to 3 independent display
  5. Supports Wide Range Power input support from 4.75~20V
  6. iManager, WISE-PaaS/RMM, and Embedded Software APIs
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