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As Maquinas Industriais wallmount, trabalham com os novos processadores Core Intel™ e trazem o mais alto desempenho da arquitetura para as aplicações mais exigentes. Os processadores Intel Core i7, i5 ou i3, trabalham com os recursos Hyper-Threading e Sm
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Intel® Core™ i5 Wallmount System with 4 PCI/PCIe Expansion Slots
  1. Intel® Core™ i-Series processors up to 2.9GHz
  2. Intel® Q57 Chipset
  3. Integrated with 4GB DDR3 memory, up to 16GB
  4. Supports dual display of VGA and DVI and dual GbE LAN
  5. Smart monitor system and LED indication for system faults detection
  6. Easy-to-maintain system fan and reusable air filter
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Core i3 Motherboard Desktop/Wallmount System With Up to 7 PCI/PCIe Slots
  1. Supports Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processors up to 3.33 GHz
  2. Supports dual display of VGA and DVI and dual GbE LAN
  3. Supports one PCIex16, one PCIex4 and five PCI add-on cards
  4. Great Scalability with one 3.5” and two 5.25” front-accessible drive bays
  5. Front LED indicators for the system power, fan, HDD and in-chassis temperature
  6. Supports Software SATA RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
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