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Controle de Movimento Centralizado

Advantech oferta soluções completas que pode acomodar todas as suas necessidades de controle de movimento. Você pode escolher entre 3 eixos, 4 eixos-controladores, pulso de saída ou tensão de saída, ISA-bus-based ou PCI-bus-based, e padrão PC baseado ou incorporado em um sistema. 
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CIRCUIT BOARD, 2-axis Stepping/Pules-type Servo Motor Card
  1. Independent 2-axis motion control
  2. Hand wheel and jog function
  3. 2-axis linear interpolation function
  4. 2-axis circular interpolation function
  5. Continuous interpolation function
  6. Programmable T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration rate
  7. Up to 4 Mpps output for each axis
  8. Two pulse output types: CW/CCW or pulse/direction
  9. Up to 1 MHz encoder input for each axis
  10. Two encoder pulse input types: A/B phase or up/down
  11. Constant speed control
  12. Position management and software limit switch function
  13. BoardID™ switch

R$ 3.495,49

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4-Axis Quadrature Encoder & Counter Card
  1. Four 32-bit up/down counters
  2. Single ended or differential inputs
  3. Pulse/direction and up/down counter
  4. x1, x2, x4 counts for each encoder cycle
  5. Optically isolated up to 2,500 VDC
  6. 4-stage digital filter with selectable sampling rate
  7. On-board 8-bit timer with wide range time-base selector
  8. Multiple interrupt sources for precision application
  9. 4 isolated digital input
  10. 4 isolated digital output
  11. BoardID™ switch

R$ 2.599,91

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3-Axis Quadrature Encoder & Counter Card
  1. 1.0 MHz max. quadrature input rate
  2. Three 24-bit counters (can cascade up to 48 bits)
  3. Optically isolated up to 2,500 VRMS
  4. 4-stage digital filter
  5. 2.4 MHz max. input pulse rate
  6. Pulse/direction and up/down counting
  7. Digital input with interrupt for each axis
  8. Programmable time-interval interrupt
  9. Half-size AT bus card

R$ 2.465,94

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3-Axis Stepping Motor Control Card
  1. Independent, simultaneous control of three stepping motors
  2. Optically-isolated outputs
  3. Five isolated digital inputs per axis for limit switches
  4. Half-size PC add-on card
  5. Up to 200 kpps step rate
  6. 16 x DI/O

R$ 3.148,17

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