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Advantech IoT Gateway series are design with Intelligent Gateway concept. Internet of Things are devices communicate through the network in order to pass raw data to central server for further processing. Advantech developed a series of Intelligent Gateway platforms built with extremely reliable hardware that are efficient and easy to integrate with back-end operating systems. UNO series are providing the best solution for rugged industrial gateway.
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WISE-1510 M2.COM LoRa module-NA915
  1. ARM Cortex-M4 Core Processor
  2. Built-in LoRa / LoRaWAN connectivity
  3. Great for Low Power Wide Range application
  4. Rich interfaces for sensor and I/O control
  5. Support wide temperature -40 ~ 85 °C

R$ 474,43

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CIRCUIT BOARD, 8-ch DI IoT Wireless I/O Module with RS-485 Port
  1. 8-ch digital input with 1-port RS-485 for Modbus devices
  2. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi reducing the wiring cost during big data acquisition
  3. Easily extend the existing network by adding APs, and share existing Ethernet software
  4. Configured by mobile devices directly without installing any software or Apps
  5. Zero data loss using the log function with RTC time stamp
  6. Data can be automatically pushed to Dropbox or computer
  7. Supports RESTful web API in JSON format for IoT integration

R$ 1.990,45

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CIRCUIT BOARD, WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit with WebAccess
  1. 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN
  2. 2-ch 0~10V Input, 2-ch DI, and 2-ch Relay Output
  3. Includes WebAccess with demo project for developer
  4. Includes extension board for simulating sensor status
  5. Includes micro USB cable for power input
  6. Supports Modbus/TCP with RESTful web service
  7. Supports wireless client and server mode that can be accessed directly without AP or router
  8. Supports mobile device web configuration with HTML5 without the platform limitation
  9. Supports file-based cloud storage and local logging with time stamp

R$ 1.970,36

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