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Waste Water Treatment is one of typical Environmental Monitoring applications. The main processes includes Screening, Aerating, Sludge Removing, and Bacteria Killing. In screening stage, ADAM-4017+ Analog Input module takes response to monitor the floating rate in case of the pipeline entry been plugged. Once the floating rate drop down, the ADAM-4055 Digital I/O module will issue alarms to operators to clean the big size garbage from pipeline entry. In Aerating stage, the ADAM-4055 will control the miller and Oxygen supply. In Sludge Removing stage, the ADAM-4017+ will work as a gate keeper to monitor the turbidity of waste water before outlet to next process. In Bacteria Killing stage, ADAM-5510KW can control the Chlorine and PH Chemical Material supply through ADAM-5055 DI/O module. Then the ADAM-5017 continuous watch the PH value in the latest stage.

The whole waste water treatment system is control by ADAM-5510KW basing on RS-485 networking. It collect the local data from ADAM-5000 I/O modules and remote data from ADAM-4000 I/O modules, then feedback to the supervisory center for operator to manage the whole process.

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