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Universal Compact Chassis

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1U Rackmount Bare Chassis with 2 Slot Capacity, 3 HDD Bays - Backplane version
  1. Space-saving 1U rackmount chassis, ideal building block for business expansion
  2. Supports full-size SHB/SBC
  3. LED indicators for LAN connectivity, alarm notification of power supply, HDD activity, system fan, and in-chassis temperature
  4. supports a slim ODD and two disk drives
  5. Supports up to 2 expansion slots in BP version
  6. Supports both 250 W/300 W ATX/PFC power supply
  7. Efficient cooling design prevents the system from over-heating

R$ 3.797,38

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CHASSIS, 4U chassis w/6 SAS/SATA trays w/o MB & power
    CHASSIS, 4U chassis w/6 SAS/SATA trays w/o MB & power
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Compact 3U Chassis for ATX/EATX Motherboard with 4 SAS/SATA HDD Trays
  1. Supports EATX/ATX/MicroATX motherboard with dual processors
  2. Short-depth design for good rear access
  3. Two Hot-Swap 3.5"/2.5" drive bays, one slim ODD drive bay and two internal 3.5" HDD bays
  4. Dual front USB 3.0 ports
  5. Supports Flex ATX Power, 1U, 2U 80Plus Single or Redundant Power Supplies
  6. Front-accessible system fan without opening top cover for easy maintenance

R$ 5.971,77

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4U Rackmount Bare Chassis with Motherboard Support, Front USB and PS/2, w/o PSU
  1. Cost-effective industrial rackmount chassis supports Motherboard architecture
  2. Easy to install front-accessible drive bays to hold three 5.25" and two 3.5" drives (one front-accessible & one internal)
  3. Supports 250/300 W ATX PFC PS/2 power supply
  4. Front-accessible USB & PS/2 interfaces
  5. Designed to withstand environmental extremes, Front accessible fan
  6. Power Supply extra. Options include 300 Watt Redundant PS. See Accessories below.

R$ 3.829,88

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CHASSIS, 4U chassis w/o SPS w/o B/P
    CHASSIS, 4U chassis w/o SPS w/o B/P

R$ 9.621,05

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