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Fanless Embedded Computers (ARKs)

Advantech Fanless Embedded Computers are embedded systems engaged in edge computing and highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. Advantech offers diverse modular and ready-to-order I/O products to help customers rapidly implement diverse applications and maximize the resulting benefits.
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10.4" SVGA TFT LCD Intel Atom D525 Touch Panel Computer with PCIe and Mini-PCIe Slots
  1. 10.4" SVGA TFT touch screen LCD
  2. Intel® Atom® D525 1.8GHz Processor on board
  3. 4GB DDR3 Memory Built-In
  4. Compact design with die-cast Al front bezel
  5. PCIe and Mini-PCIe expansion support
  6. Fanless cooling system
  7. NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel
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Intel Core i-Series Embedded Fanless Box PC with PCI/PCIe/Mini-PCIe Expansion
  1. Built with Intel® Core™ i-Series Processor
  2. Built with 2GB dual channel DDR3 memory, up to 8GB
  3. 1 x PCI and 2 x Mini-PCIe Slot Expansion
  4. Supports HDMI and DVI-I for Multi-Display
  5. Supports 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, eSATA, 6 x USB 2.0 and 3 x COM Ports
  6. Two internal 2.5" SATA HDD Drive Bays
  7. Supports Software RAID 0, 1 (Under Windows 7 OS Only)
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